Thorncreek Kennels Scrapbook

Breeding the best Pointing Labrador Retrievers is not a job or career for Thorncreek, rather a passion. Our dogs are part of our families. We take great pride in the health and vitality of our pets and have a special relationship with them all. It is because of that love for these guys that we cannot help but to capture the moment whenever we are around them. We hope you enjoy the show!

Vidoes Pictures


Abbey   Abbey
Brew   Brew
Kampbell   Kampbell
Porter   Lilly
Yankee   Porter
Rockie   Rockie
Other Thorncreek Dogs   Yankee
    Other Thorncreek Dogs


Thorncreek Owners:

Carl & Diane Koontz - 303.746.2600
Eric & Kym Koontz -