Kampbell Litter 2012

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AKC Thorncreek's Keg O' Kampbell X AKC CPR Thorncreek's Porter Brewmaster
birth date:
May 25, 2012
AKC Kampbell
AKC CPR Porter


Litter Breakdown:
1 Male left!


Accepting deposits for pick of litter. Contact Eric or Kym for more information on this litter.
A Brief Note on this Breeding:
Powerful Hunter. When you think of this breeding, you should think pups that will be Strong and Energetic in the field. The Pointing genes are very strong in this breeding, and you will have a terrible time finding chocolate pointing labradors that meet this qualification!


We appreciate all of your interest in this litter and for those of you who have already purchased a puppy, it is our pleasure to share these photos with you! Being able to get to know the litter and ultimately select your new companion is a whole lot more fun this way! Keep your eye on this page, as we will be updating it every few days. Soon, when they get a bit more active we will get some video for you as well.


Litter Update:

July 29 - The Blue Collared male remains available. Today we took him out to the Hunting Club and introduced him for the first time to water and a chukar. It's because of days like this that we we love breeding puppies and having them around. 2 words would describe the day: Exciting & Funny!


Collar Identification


  • Aqua
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Burgandy


  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Black
July 29, 2012
July 3, 2012

Videos of the puppies at about 5 1/2 weeks old as we introduced a pheasant wing to them.

Jun 30, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
Jun 24, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Jun 16, 2012
Jun 15, 2012
Jun 13, 2012
Jun 10, 2012
Jun 6, 2012
Jun 2, 2012
Jun 1, 2012
May 25 , 2012
Puppy #1 (A male) found himself in this very position for about 8 minutes. I know he looks like a chew toy, but Kampbell is so gentle that all is well. In fact, nearly every time we have a litter, the mom holds the first puppy for quite sometime until she settles into the process.
The first two puppies were males. Kampbell quickly shifts from the first puppy to the second to clean it. This does two things... First, it stimulates the puppy. Kampbell will not let more than a few minutes pass during the first hours without poking, proding and stimulating the puppies. Second, if in the wild, this would remove the major scent of birthing from the puppies... who knew?!
Pup Number Three is only seconds old here. Kampbell quickly goes to work to remove the puppy from the birthing sac and clean. Kampbell is an amazing dog. This is a family event, and this year we had several neighbors and friends come by to witness this amazing miracle. Kampbell could care less if people are around. We all remain quiet and you would think that she did not even know we were there. All but me - I'm in the ring with her. I love it.
Okay, last close up of the birthing, but this shot really says it all. The birthing process is not gentle. In fact the first several litters that we had made us pretty nervous. Now we realize that a certain amount of "firmness" is important. That, however, is not what is shown here. This is Kampbell at her finest, gently welcoming pup number 4 to the world. Pretty cool huh?
Four and counting. Look how relaxed Kampbell is. Sure helps us relax too!
See the puppy pushing up on it's feet here. This is day one and that puppy is only a few minutes old. That is something that we would expect to see on about day 4 or 5!
For the first couple of days we would expect the puppies to borrough into and under kampbell non-stop. Kampbell's nickname right now is "Buffallo"! She should have shed her winter coat weeks or months ago, but pregnant hormones delayed the event. Kampbell has such long beautiful coat, that when it sheds, it really does look like a buffallo!
Kampbell is about half way done here and we have no clue how many to expect yet!
Even while Kampbell is delivering the next puppy or having contractions, puppies are moving around and looking for warmth or food. It is a lot to keep track of, so Kym and I are vigilant in keeping watch along with her. We don't interfere too much, even when a puppy seems distressed we try to let the lil' guy learn to fight for it!
The first seven are lined up at the diner table.
Getting to the nipple for food is one of the most important things that we are watching for with a newborn puppy. With our first litters we might have assisted the puppies along with the process. Now, we know that the puppies will work hard to get there and it is good for them to do this.
Wrapping up and settling in...
Now that she is done delivering puppies, it is time to rest.
Last Day one picture. We're all tired.
May 26 , 2012
All brown puppies - it is going to take some colored collars to keep track of which is which! At about day 10 we will be trying to put colors on them. Until then, just enjoy.
Look at the strenght and coordination on day 2 with some of these guys. They cannot stand for more than a brief second, but just to even get up on their feet is pretty uncommon on day 2.
On day 2 we saw great gains and consistent eating. Important stuff for these lil' guys.
May 27 , 2012
Day three... We keep a heat lamp a few feet above the whelping box. The whelping box is about 4 ft by 8 ft and surrounded by "pig rails". These are the 2 x 4s that are about 5 inches above the floor and keep puppies from getting pinned by the mom. They have just enough room to burrough their way around mom and find some quiet place to relax. You'll notice that the puppies are beginning to spread out. I'm sure Kampbell appreciates a bit of extra room. But look how they still want some contact - a head on a paw or arm. Way cute.
May 29 , 2012
Day four. It may only be by inches right now, but the puppies continue to expand their territory each day.
Kym loved this picture! "Smooshie Face" I believe were her words.

July 3 - I'm going to figure this video thing out someday. It all sounds so easy until you run into a conflict here a password there. Ugh! I'm posting some video now and should be putting a vidoe of each puppy up on the site before the end of the evening.

Jun 30 - First, we introduced the puppies to a pheasant wing today. We took some video of each puppy as they went from curious to enthralled. Now that we've shot the video I should be able to get it posted in a couple of days. Lots of work remaining. Then, it was play time and we captured a few shots as they ran around in the front yard.

Jun 25 - The world is an awfully big place for a puppy. It is a dog door. You would not believe all the steps involved with teaching them how to use it! They really were just content with laying at the edge of the door to the world and looking picture perfect.

Jun 24 - Dinner time! So Kym got some "cute" little bowls that she thought would be perfect, but they were really better suited for a kitten! These guys much prefer to step into their meal. Get the fingers out of the way and stand clear!

Jun 21 - Tomorrow the puppies are 4 weeks old! Kampbell has got to be happy about that. The pups are so big and powerful now that they nurse more like goats than puppies. Just ask Kampbell. Today we took the puppies out on the lawn for the first time and got some great pictures of each puppy. I'm guessing that these pictures will make your decision more difficult! The puppies are starting to get time with more people to get socialized and all are little charmers. Kampbell will be removed from the litter tomorrow and they will get switched to puppy food. More to come soon...

Jun 15 - I've never taken this many pictures of the puppies on a single day. We just could not stop getting great pictures and in a matter of hours it seems that they have gone from immobile and sightless to energetic and inquisitive. This is where it gets fun. Personalities are beginning to bloom. Kym just put collars on this evening, so we'll have a chance to start identifying the pups.

May 29 - I've got pictures that I'm working on gettting off the camera and downloaded to the computer so that I can post them. Sorry that we did not put them up day 1, but we are so tired from sitting with the puppies around the clock. We're not that old, but pulling back-to-back all night shifts and trying to function gets harder every year. Oh, and here is the weight chart that we use to track the puppies. We weigh them daily to ensure that they are gaining weight. This isn't easy, and with many puppies looking exactly alike what we have to do is ensure that we are first, not seeing any negative gains (except for day 2 it is possible) and then looking to see fairly uniform weight gain across the board. We'll track this for about 7-10 days or until they are too big for our scale! That could be any moment with these guys. <ha>

time of birth flavor birth weight 1 day 2 day 3 day

4 day

1:00 pm choc male 12 oz 12.5 13.5 15.5 18.5
1:14 pm choc female 14 oz 15 16.6 19.5 22
1:20 pm choc male 12.5 oz 13.5 14.5 16 18.5
1:35 pm choc male 15 oz 17 19 22.5 26
2:01 pm choc female 14 oz 14.5 16 19.5 24
2:09 pm choc female 9 oz 9.5 10.5 11.5 14
2:23 pm choc male 11 oz 11.5 13 15.5 18
3:15 pm choc female 10 oz 11 13 15.5 18

May 28 - Three day old puppies are all about one thing... eating! They are all doing well and eating non-stop. We weigh the puppies until sometimes around day 8 or 9. That is because they still lay still on the scale and don't tip it over. We stopped weighing these guys because they eat just fine and tip the scale over!

May 26 - The puppies are growing so fast. These are some of the largest we've had and they are gaining weight daily. I'll post the numbers in a couple of days so that you can see how we track. There is something else about these pups that seems to me to be a bit more advanced than the norm - their strength. These guys on day two aren't just "swimming" (that is the way they crawl by stretching out their legs and pulling themselves along their bellies) but up on their feet and going over other puppies. It's not just one or two, but the whole litter seems to be a bit more advanced. Pretty exciting.

May 25 - This was by far the easiest delivery that we've every had the priviledge of witnessing. Kampbell took only about two and a half hours to deliver the entire litter. She was relaxed throughout and the puppies really seem to benefit from this! The last Kampbell / Porter litter is our favorite litter of all time. The puppies from that litter were so content and settled, they had that perfect demeanor that we look for - gentle and intelligent companion with a big enthusiasm for anything to do with hunting! So far these puppies seem to be right in line with that last litter.


Thorncreek Owners:

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