Abbey x Porter Litter 2011

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AKC CPR Thorncreek's Amber Bock X AKC CPR Thorncreek's Porter Brewmaster
3 yellow males, 2 yellow females, 2 choc females, 1 black male
estimated birth date:
AKC CPR Abbey (EIC clear)
AKC CPR Porter (EIC Clear)

Now accepting Deposits for pick of litter! Contact Carl Koontz (303)746-2600 for more information on this litter. There are still 4 puppies available.



Okay, you asked for it. We have bred Abbey and Porter again. This is the 3rd and probably final breeding for these two. This breeding is producing excellent puppies - intelligent, great noses, and strong hunting tendencies. Hurry and get your puppy that will be ready to hunt in 2012!  

Litter Update:
This litter was whelped on Nov 22. The puppies and Abbey are all doing well. We will begin posting pics very soon!

Dec 11 - Eyes are open and they are getting their legs under them. They are obviously eating well. Just look how big they are getting!

Dec 16 - Is it possible that these puppies have doubled in size in the last 5 days? Sure is!


Collar Key:

Yellow females - Pink or Orange collar
Chocolate females - Orange or Green collar
Yellow males - Red, Blue, or Green collar
Black male - Yellow collar


Dec 11
3 Yellow Males
2 Yellow Females and 1 Black Male
2 Yellow Females and 1 Black Male
2 Chocolate Females
2 Chocolate Females
The Whole Gang - Worn Out (from thinking about hunting?!)
Yellow Male
Dec 16
Dec 27

Thorncreek Owners:

Carl & Diane Koontz - 303.746.2600
Eric & Kym Koontz -