Yankee x Porter Litter 2010

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AKC CPR Thorncreek's Yankee's Pride X AKC CPR Thorncreek's Porter Brewmaster
birth date:
May 18, 2010
AKC CPR Yankee
AKC CPR Porter
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Litter Breakdown:

3 Yellow Females

A Brief Note on this Breeding:
Two Certified Pointing Labradors make this an exciting breeding. This is Yankee's 4th litter and has consistently produced great pups. This is Porter's 5th litter and he too is proving that his amazing pedigree is ideal for breeding. Both of these dogs are amazing in the field and joyful companions. If you've been watching Yankee and hoping for a pup, you had better hurry as this may be her last litter.

Litter Update:
June 6, 2010: These 3 little yellow females are doing great. Their eyes are open and they are getting their feet under them. Even a bit of personality is starting to show! This is a fun time to get to know the pups and watch them really grow and develop.

May 18, 2010: Litter Born

June 29 , 2010
June 6 , 2010
June 6 , 2010
May 31, 2010
May 28, 2010

Thorncreek Owners:

Carl & Diane Koontz - 303.746.2600 ckoontz@iglide.net
Eric & Kym Koontz -
303.680.5765 ekoontz@comcast.net