Kampbell Litter 2010

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AKC Thorncreek's Keg O' Kampbell X AKC CPR Thorncreek's Porter Brewmaster
birth date:
Aug 9, 2010, 3-8am
AKC Kampbell
AKC CPR Porter

Litter Breakdown:
4 Chocolate Females - sold out
6 Chocolate Males - sold out

Accepting deposits for pick of litter. Contact Eric or Kym for more information on this litter.
A Brief Note on this Breeding:
Powerful Hunter. When you think of this breeding, you should think pups that will be Strong and Energetic in the field. The Pointing genes are very strong in this breeding, and you will have a terrible time finding chocolate pointing labradors that meet this qualification!

Litter Update:

Oct - 25 - Well, we were a bit slow selling out this whole litter, which meant that we were able to spend some extra quality time with a few of the last puppies before placing them. Settled, Easy-going, Great On/Off switch, Exciteable Noses, Enthusiasm with the dummy, is how I would describe these guys. Wow! This one was quite the treat. Yes, we will be doing this breeding for sure again!

Sep 21 - Picking for the puppies that are already sold is complete. For those of you who have been following the picking process, now is the time to call if there remains a puppy that you are interested in! We originally thought that we were sold out of females, but actually have one available! She is one of the joys of this litter with a keen nose and desire for retrieve. She also has a wonderful personality that will be well suited for the family. As for the males that remain, we still have 3 great ones to choose from. I expect this to change in the next couple of days, so contact us quickly! Thanks to all of you who have followed the progress of these puppies for the last several weeks. We have enjoyed "talking shop" with you and watching your enthusiasm grow. Please be sure to keep us up to date on the puppies progress and as always send pics often!

Sep 20 - and the picking begins! We spent a lot of time with these guys yesterday and today with a pheasant wing and dummy. So they have been introduced twice to the wing and it is quickly becomming their most exciting time of the day! Every pup took right to it and has fallen in love. Noses are starting to get engaged too as they become used to the scent. I'm posting a lot of pictures so that it will help with picking. I'm not sure I got an equal number of shots of each puppy. We took nearly 700 pics and it took forwever to sort through and try to get a decent number of each. Can you imagine if it were film? Ha! After I posted these, I've decided that I wish I could go out and do another 700 pics this afternoon it was so much fun playing with the pups and seeing their intensity grow for the wing. Talk to you all soon.

Sep 15 - Holy smokes! How in the world are you guys going to choose which pup you want? Ha! The positive traits we typically focus on when selecting are so prevelant in all of these guys today, that it is going to be very difficult. The good news is that it isn't going to matter much! We only have a couple of males left at this point. Thanks for all of the phone calls from those of you who are taking a puppy. It is time for another round and selection time is quickly approaching us. Talk to you soon.

Sep 4 - We had a great time with the puppies in the front yard this morning. We took pictures, and... wait for it... video! Neighbors got into the action and the results were absolutely great. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I believe that this might just be the best litter as far as temperment that we have ever produced. Yes, it is a bit early for the definitive conclusion, but even with 6 males I am seeing exciting tendencies. Just check out the video and see for yourself! (The video will be found below where you see the link, but it might still be another hour or two before it is posted today - sorry, the whole process takes over 8 hours due to the length and quality of the video)

Sep 1 - At just under 4 weeks old, we are so impressed with this litter. Their demeanor is so enjoyable and calm. Kampbell is just about to wean these guys and has done a wonderful job nursing them to become healthy puppies. Look for some video very soon!

Aug 19 - Pups are now 10 days old. We are having a blast with these pups. They are 10 days old today and everytime we see them they seem to grow. Look at the bellies on these pups. Legs are just starting to get strong enough for some brief surges as they are learning to walk. Give them another couple of days and we are going to see them covering serious ground. Oh, and eyes are just about to open in the next couple of days. If you've already reserved your pick of litter, we're about another 10 days out from beginning to see personalities forming. That is a great time to start talking more with us about the puppies characters and what puppy makes a good match for your family!

Aug 11 - Kym, the girls and I are exhausted as we hold round-the-clock watch over the lillte guys. With this many puppies, it is so easy for Kampbell to loose track of one or two as she repositions in her whelping area. Add to that these guys have gained about 35% body weight and can skoot around like we've never seen before and Kampbell is getting a full workout. Kampbell and the puppies are all healthy.

Aug 9 - B Day! Just as predicted, these pups where whelped on day 61. All Chocolates. No Yellows thrown this time around. Oh, and they are all the same darn shade of chocolate. How will we ever tell them apart before we can put a collar on them! Oh, and counting these guys is a heck of a challenge too!

We appreciate all of your interest in this litter and for those of you who have already purchased a puppy, it is our pleasure to share these photos with you! Being able to get to know the litter and ultimately select your new companion is a whole lot more fun this way! Keep your eye on this page, as we will be updating it every 1-2 days. Soon, when they get a bit more active we will get some video for you as well.

Collar Identification


  • Green
  • Tan - sold
  • Grey/Red - sold
  • Black - sold
  • Blue
  • Yellow


  • Pink - sold
  • Leopard Yellow - sold
  • Red - sold
  • Burgandy
Sep 20 , 2010
Tan - sold
Red - sold
Black - sold
Blue - sold
Yellow - sold
Green - sold
Pink - sold
Burgandy - sold
Grey - sold
Leopard Yellow - sold
Sep 15 , 2010
Sep 4 , 2010

Video: 4 weeks old
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Aug 31, 2010
Aug 24, 2010
Aug 16, 2010
Aug 12, 2010
Aug 10, 2010

Thorncreek Owners:

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Eric & Kym Koontz -
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