Coco Litter 2010

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AKC CPR Coco X AKC CPR Thorncreek's Porter Brewmaster
chocolate & yellow
birth date:
Jul 27, 2010
AKC CPR Porter

Litter Breakdown:
4 Chocolate Females - 2 still Available
2 Chocolate Males - 0 Available
1 Yellow Female - 0 Available

Accepting deposits for pick of litter. Contact Eric or Kym for more information on this litter.
A Brief Note on this Breeding:

Usually, we only feature litters that are whelped by Thorncreek females. Here is a perfect opportunity to break with that tradition. Simply put, long ago we determined that we would only promote a litter if certain criteria were met based on health, pedigree, environment, etc. In this case, I'd say exceeded would describe how Coco stacks up. We are proud to include Coco in the Thorncreek family and back her with a Thorncreek health guarantee. We are excited to share Coco with you and you will be thrilled to find yourself in the field with one of these pups! - Eric


Coco is our first pointing lab and it has been so much fun to watch her grow!  She has a strong natural point and loves to hunt ALL DAY!  In the field she is a powerful dog yet extremely graceful, my hunting partners say she is the most athletic dog they have ever seen. She is 58 pounds of pure muscle and energy but is able to turn it off when in the house.  Coco loves to play and be a puppy until the hunting gear comes out and then she is all business.  In the last two years I have shot over 300 birds over her and she continues to amaze me with her drive to please.  Swimming is one of her favorite things to do and she has even been known to catch a trout or two. She has a gentle streak in her in that you can take a bone out of her mouth. She is happiest when she is surrounded by family. - Lisa & Dirk (Coco's owners)

Pedigree and health certificates have been provided to Thorncreek. We will work to get this information posted for your review as soon as possible.

Litter Update:
Sep 1 - At 6 weeks of age, these little pups are beautiful! Are you looking for your best hunting buddy? These guys were born to hunt! Intelligence, athletisism, demeanor, you are going to have a great companion.

Aug 22 - Puppies are learning to explore outside and take on new challenges. They are just about to be weaned - next day or so! Only a couple of Chocolate Females left, so hurry and get your pick. What a great litter of pups.

Jul 27 - Birthdate!

We appreciate all of your interest in this litter and for those of you who have already purchased a puppy, it is our pleasure to share these photos with you! Being able to get to know the litter and ultimately select your new companion is a whole lot more fun this way! Keep your eye on this page, as we will be updating it every 1-2 days. Soon, when they get a bit more active we will get some video for you as well.

Sept 6, 2010
Aug 22, 2010
Aug 22, 2010
Aug 12, 2010
Some Coco Photos

Thorncreek Owners:

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