Thorncreek Kennels Puppy Health Guarantee

At Thorncreek Kennels we have done everything that we can through selective breeding to produce quality puppies and to deliver that puppy to you in a healthy and robust condition that will give you years of pleasure and companionship.

We will guarantee the puppy for the first 30 months of its life for the following conditions:

Hips: An OFA acceptable rating when x-rayed 24 months after date of birth.
Eyes: The puppy will be free of hereditary eye defects.

All tests will be done by properly certified veterinarians. If your veterinarian’s tests show any negative results, you will immediately contact Thorncreek Kennels with those results before submitting to the proper reporting Foundations. A consultation will be made with Thorncreek Kennels Veterinarian for possible remedies, after which final determination for hips, elbows, and eyes will be made by OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation).

Conditions for Guarantee Coverage:

1) The dog must not have sired or whelped a litter of puppies.
2) The dog must show no evidence or symptoms of abuse, neglect, improper nutrition, or injury.
3) The dog must not have been transferred to any other person or entity.
4) The dog must be registered with AKC with Thorncreek included in its registered name. (Example: Thorncreek's Jazz)
5) The dog must be properly identified as a Thorncreek Kennel dog by microchip identification.

6) Owner must immediately contact Thorncreek by phone or email for consultation before any test results are submitted to proper Foundations.

Remedy: If the dog is found to have a genetic disorder and all conditions of this certificate are met, then Thorncreek Kennels will replace said puppy with a puppy of similar breeding if available at no cost to Purchaser (all shipping costs to be paid by Purchaser). If the puppy is replaced by a puppy of a different breeding with a higher price, Purchaser will pay the difference between the original puppy price and the new puppy price. The original puppy will be returned to Thorncreek Kennels. All shipping expenses and veterinarian expenses will be paid for by the Purchaser.

Puppy Information
Date of Birth
Health Certificate Expiration
Microchip ID
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* this Health Guarantee Information is for reference purposes only. It applies only if signed by both parties.


Thorncreek Owners:

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