Thorncreek Kennels Testimonials

We find great joy in knowing that our puppies are finding wonderful homes. Many of them are simply family pets. A few spend their days at the office with their owners, and some are making their owners look like better hunters than they really are! After all, isn't that what a good dog really does? They make us better, happier, and our families whole.
Here at Thorncreek Kennels, we are committed to matching a loving dog with a loving family.

Hi Eric,
Rick and Siri here. just wanted to send you some pics of Sage taken this afternoon. She is such a wonderful animal.

This little guy was one of the few Black Pointing Labs that Thorncreek Kennels produces. "Harley" has found a great home in Iowa!
Here are two more pictures of Sallie, one when she was younger and one of her latest pictures. Have a great holiday. We truly LOVE Sallie!!

"Dharma" at 4 months!, she seems to be doing great, even settling down a little, training is going well, taking her to Kansas this weekend in search of Live birds, plus a hunting trip for our other dog!



Hi Carl & Diane!
Just wanted to drop a line and send some pictures of Earl. He is doing GREAT. He is such a smart, easy going guy. He is, however, very stubborn which keeps us laughing. Our girls are thrilled with him and can't give him enough love. He has actually given up his tummy as a pillow for our youngest, Olivia. He just lies there and smiles his doggy smile while she rests her head on his tummy. We couldn't ask for a better dog. Please keep us posted as to when you might have another litter...we would love to have another!
As you can see from the pics, he enjoys his toys. His two favorite being his stuffed squirrel and his ball. He is never far from his squirrel.
Take care and enjoy the pics!


Hi Carl,
Everything is going great with 'Katie'. You helped inspire the name, and I let my 2 1/2 year old niece decide between Bailey and Katie. She was very emphatic that Katie be her name.
She loves her thanks to you for getting her started.
She is pretty much sleeping through the night. I have gotten up with her the first 3 nights, but only because she awoke me playing (not whimpering). She loves traveling and has been in my car quite a bit.
I took her to the vet today and she received her third round of shots. The vet was very pleased with both her health and looks. I did take a few pictures of her on Wednesday morning when she was out playing in the snow and will forward them to you in a day or two.
She's been a great pup so far (although there is still a lot of work to do with her biting). Any suggestions how to control her biting (hands, feet, elbows, etc. etc)??Thanks again for a great pup! I'll keep you updated.

Carl -
I was checking out your updated web site and had to write my Testimonial.
As you may recall I purchased Wilson from you in Dec. 2004. Wilson has been a dream of a 1st dog for me. He was a "treat" as a puppy and has been a quick learner in the field. I have been running AKC hunt tests with him and we obtained our Jr. Title last year and will be attempting for our Sr. Title this year. He is doing good on hand signals, double and tripple marks.
He has joined me on my annual hunting trips to North Dakota and with no pointing training at all he was on point three different times last year. I have been extremely satisfied with my now "Best Friend" Thank you for the opportunity to buy him from you...Please enjoy the pics I have attached for you - I don't think that He looks like Rockie at all! Keep In touch!


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