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Thorncreek Kennels actively looks for other industry leaders to promote. Below you will find links to web sites for trainers, clubs, and businesses that we work with.

Valhalla Hunt Club: Located just a few minutes East of Denver, CO in Bennett, any time we want to get our dogs out for some extra work before a hunt or need to prepare our dogs for a field trial, we head out to Valhalla. The folks at Valhalla have always made us feel at home from the moment we walk into the club house and smell lunch cooking in the kitchen. They have kennels that we trust when we need to board a dog, land that is beautiful and great for hunting and training, and Guides that know bird hunting.
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Cat Supplies: Okay, I know, we are a DOG site. Right? Agreed. We certainly specialize in Pointing Labrador Retrievers, but here is a link to a sister site that seems to have it all together... if you are a Cat person too. - Unique gifts and gifts baskets for dogs, cats, and the humans who love them
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