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Contact Carl Koontz (303.746.2600) or ckoontz@iglide.net  We have been dedicated Pointing Lab Breeders for over 20 years!   We are the hunters choice.

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Pointing Labs are quickly gaining favor in the bird hunting community as a "Preferred Gun Dog". This specific and carefully bred version of the well known Labrador Retriever is now considered by many experts and top hunters to be the most versatile upland bird dog available. Whether you are hunting dove in the rolling hills of Texas, going for those big Canadian honkers over large bodies of water, or wanting to see your four-legged buddy stick a point on a South Dakota Pheasant, there is really only one dog that can demonstrate a level of mastery in all of these disciplines - The Pointing Lab!
Chocolate Pointing Lab Puppies For Sale

Chocolate Pointing Labs are the rarest of the 3 AKC recognized colors. We are often asked if there is a difference between the Chocolate and the Yellow or Black labs. The answer, of course, is yes - the color! But that is really the only difference. Just like humans have dominant and recessive genes, dog’s do too. The chocolate is the most recessive of the three colors. Ultimately, this means that as Pointing Lab breeders we have to be even more picky and selective with our chocolate Labrador retriever breeding. We know how difficult it can be to find a high quality Chocolate Pointing Labrador. We are committed to the best pedigrees, proven bloodlines, and careful attention to the resulting qualities of the dogs we are breeding.


Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies For Sale

Our Yellow Pointing Lab Pups vary from the very light pale yellow coat to the more traditional deep yellow with beautiful saddling and tipping on the ears. Our well bred Pointing Lab Puppies are joy to hunt over in the uplands setting as well as over water fowl. Intelligence, demeanor, health size, coloring, and spirit are all of utmost importance when we are making breeding decisions here at Thorncreek. You won't be disappointed!

Black Pointing Lab Puppies For Sale
Pointing Black Lab Puppies are a rare treat here at Thorncreek Kennels. As the many families across the country who have a Thorncreek dog will attest, we specialize in Yellow and Chocolate Pointing Lab pups. When we have the black available, jump on them quick or you won't stand a chance!
Pointing Lab Breeders
Of course there is a difference in Pointing Labrador Retriever Breeders. But what difference does it make for you? Here at Thorncreek we believe that it makes all the difference in the world! Temperament and hunting instincts are just the tip of the iceberg. Health and intelligence are also core to our focus when deciding how to improve our bloodlines and continue the excellence that we have strived for over 2 decades.
Chocolate Pointing Labrador Retriever Stud
Thorncreek Kennel's Porter Brewmaster - "Porter" is seen here on point during training. At just over 2 years of age he is a beautiful Chocolate Male and inspirational in his field work.
Night falls in South Dakota
As an avid hunter, I started working years ago towards developing a line of Pointing Labs that I or any sportsman would take pride in owning and hunting. These hunting dogs are enthusiastic in the field, have great noses, and make the hunt even more enjoyable. Our breeding produces eager hunters from championship blood lines. Our Certified Pointing Labs are a joy in the field or water. - Carl     In addition to the quality hunting traits of the Thorncreek Pointing Labs, I also appreciate the gentle demeanor and intelligence found in this breeding line. A few times a year I get to indulge in some quality hunting time with Dad and the dogs, but in reality, the vast majority of the time these dogs are playing with my two daughters. There is a difference in quality Pointing Labrador breeding. Thorncreek is the quality that your family deserves too! - Eric
Pointing Labrador Retrievers (continued)
The Labrador Retriever has long been a family favorite for many of us. The breed is wonderful with children and consistently well behaved among friends and family. The Labrador Retriever is characterized as having high intelligence and just as strong desire to please their trainer. They can also be used as an invisible fence locator, for they can easily sense whatever is happening in their surroundings. This is why the Labrador Retriever makes such good seeing-eye-dogs. In the world of hunting, the breed has been well respected for their strong water skills, sense of smell, amazing retrieving instincts, and ability to be trained to work as a partner in the hunt with the trainer. Now add the natural instinct to point upland game rather than flush it, and you have what we and many top hunting professionals believe to be the perfect hunting companion. The pointing instinct now found in this line is comparable to any of the pointing lines of dogs, and can be developed through training to ensure that there is consistency in the field. We love this breeding and are confident that you will too. Feel free to contact us for more information.
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There are many Pointing Labrador Retriever breeders to choose from today and we are tremendously thankful for those of you who have chosen Thorncreek Kennels as the breeder that best suits your family. Our dogs are part of our homes. All of them. We have worked at this line of Pointing Labrador Retrievers for over 2 Decades! We know the bloodline inside and out and trust our dogs to take great care of our children and grandchildren. They are well socialized and spend 365 days a year in our homes with us. We know their personalities well, have trained and hunted with each of them. We also keep track of many of the puppies that get placed into families. Yes, we are picky about who we place our dogs with. These little fellahs are part of our family. We want to know that they are going to find homes where they will be happy, safe, and loved. As responsible breeders, we only plan a few litters a year to protect the health of the mother and insure strong healthy litters.  We are not a puppy mill.   Our Lab Puppies are sold well ahead of the litter actually being born most of the time. Our whole family takes part in this process and loves every bit of it. We have put our hearts into your new best friend.


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